It is 8AM on September 11th and the sun has just risen. Registration has begun for the 8th annual 9-11 Remembrance Ride. Registration is heavy, bikes start lining up two by two. Bikers step off their rides and mingle in the surroundings of the World’s Fair Park. Fire trucks and police vehicles are staggered, through out the park; Red and Blue Knights and their fellow emergency responders. Flying high on an aerial engine is a huge red, white and blue flag waving proudly; our flag, the American Flag, our symbol of justice and freedom. 10:28AM, the Amphitheater is full, 800 strong. The color guard has marched front and center, the speakers dignitaries are on stage. NOT a sound, the reason we have gathered is upon us.

WE ARE REMEMBERING..... it is once again September 2001. A bell is tolling, for the first tower has fallen. Remembering then the second tower begins to fall, our friends, neighbors, fellow county men and emergency responders will have all lost their lives, by a cowardly act, before evening has cast its shadows over New York City. Not on American soil..... Not here.

The Album "ANY GIVEN DAY" is a tribute album to the many emergency responders that lost there lives that tragic day.  Policemen, Firefighters, and those in the Armed Forces, along with the many men and women who died on our own American soil at the hands of terrorist.  This album is a small way of remembering there sacrifice, and reminding the world that they will not be forgotten.  This album pays tribute to all those brave unsung hero's who will forever be in our hearts and memories. 

$3,00 of each album sold will be donated to the 9-11 remembrance ride to be held in Knoxville Tenn, on Sept. 11th, 2011, to be divided equally between the Blue Knights Tenn III, and The Red Knights Tenn II.  

Order yours today and  show your support and remember those fallen individuals who lost there lives on that fateful day, but who will always be with us in our hearts and in in our memories.  WE WILL NOT FORGET....EVER........ 

Any Given Day

Any Given Day

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Tribute to the men and women that give their all each and everyday.

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