Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is considered by many to be an unlucky day.  To me it is just another day but I'm sure it has in the past been considered by some as the day that everything could go wrong.  I guess I look at things somewhat different than most folks because in my case I try to find the good and humorous in everything.  Now don't get me wrong everything is not funny, everything is not humorous, and most of the time these ramblings are just that. Some truth mixed with playful fabrication in the sole attempt to entertain and enlighten and break up a sometimes otherwise dreary day.  Now I'm not saying that all of my writings are untruths, I'm just saying that some are a stretch of my imagination.  For instance in one of my previous blogs I stated that with all of the collection and late notices that I have to pack from the mailbox that I possibly could become overexerted and die from the heavy loads of paper I would have to carry.  This is a slight stretch.  Because that simply would not and could not happen.  Before I would allow that to happen I would take all those pieces of paper out of the box and put them in the neighbors box, and they would take them to there house and realize they were not theres and bring them to me, thus eliminating my exertion. 

In another post I stated that I needed to replace the wheel on a lawnmower for my wife to be able to mow the yard.  That was another stretch.  She would not allow me to do that, because she doesn't trust me with power tools so she would do it herself.  I also stated that I needed to borrow a ladder from a neighbor so that she can clean the gutters.  You got it another stretch simply because our house doesn't have gutters.  I was bragging just a bit.  And finally in a previous post I wrote of how I was attacked in church by a 5 yr old minister over my sleeping and nodding off during the service.  You got it another slight stretch.  There was no way that I could have known if I was being attacked or not because during this service I actually was asleep.  Some of the best 45 minute naps I have ever taken were during the preachers sermon.  And he never really steps on my toes.  For one thing I keep moving them, so he can't but I am quite sure he tries. 

In all honesty most of these blogs are all done in fun and hopefully bring a little enjoyment to your day.  But I would like to invite you to send me your thoughts and ideas so that I might create a little humorous plot to go with them.  Simply forward your ideas or your stories from life on the road to us here at the contact page and then watch for your story to make it to our blogs.  To all the Drivers out there I would like to say thanks for what you do.  To all the Military, Police,Firefighters and First responders I would also like to say thanks.  Our goal for the remainder of 2011 is to travel all around and do what we do which is to entertain, but it is also to shake the hands of 2 million of the folks that move and protect this country of ours and say thanks in person.  Look for us at a town near you.  Have a safe Friday the 13th.  As for me I am going to see if I can get the wife to  borrow the neighbors water hose and water so she can wash the bus.  I guess this would be another stretch since I'm not married.  Maybe she'll wash the bus anyway..

Terry Wooley

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