America's Compassionate Army

I am a firm believer that things come our way, problems arise just to tempt us and either make us stronger or help us to find our weaknesses.  The good Lord knows I have many weakness.  I can't walk by a candy dish without filling my hands and pockets with sweets.  I am the poster child for potato chips, because I can not eat just one.  Really I can eat just one as long as it is one whole bag.  I drink coffee and softdrinks like they are water.  But one of my greatness and biggest weakness is never being able to say no to someone in need.  I believe in helping in any way I can,  Whether it be charities for children, truckers, or those who have faced disaster or hardships.  Now I have had a life of hardships, and financial struggles, but The Lord has always provided what I needed.  Like everyone else I have not always had everything I wanted, but I have had what I needed. 

I have found that by helping others, I always help myself.  I am able to look in the mirror and know that someone somewhere will benefit from the things the Lord has blessed me with, whether it be my talents or my abilities.  When I look around at all the things I don't have, it would be very easy to want to become selfish and keep everything for myself.  But when I look around at all the things that others don't have or have lost I realize that I am very blessed and very rich in many ways.  When we are able to say I went the extra mile to help someone else is when I can truly be happy with myself.  Some folks don't believe in karma, and I myself am not sure I know what it is or how it works, but I do know that the more I give the more I recieve. 

Recently while attending and working at the Mid America Truck Show, with the great folks in The Trucker Charity Booth, I was approached by an elderly gentlemen in a wheel chair asking for a very strange request.  He ask for a Bible, and ask if I could hurry and find one.  Now I do keep one with me whenever I go anywhere, but mine happened to be in the room at the motel, and the motel was 7 miles away.  Now we are in the Louisville Fair and exposition center, with 80,000 people, who had come to see the truck show, and the truck show exhibits.  I was guessing that the odds of finding a bible quickly for this gentlemen might be extremely slim.  But I immeadiately took off in search for this gentlemen because he had ask. 

The crowds were heavy, and simply walking through was difficult and i had no idea where to start.  But the Lord provided.  The Bible tells us to seek and ye shall find, and within a matter of minutes my journey took me directly to a group of ministers who not only were able to provide us with the Bible, but they went back with me to pray with and for this gentlemen.

I realize that this blog is not like my others, entertaining and comical, and even though they are  truthful, they are meant for enjoyment, hoping that folks can laugh along with me at my own troubles.  This one is meant so that we hopefully can realize that each and everyone of us have the ability to do something to make a difference.  I sincerely hope you will join us in our efforts to help others and become a member of America's Compassionate Army.  You can make a difference, regardless of how large or small it is still a difference. 

May God Bless and protect you and yours......

Terry Wooley

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