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Recently on a trip to New York to do a show for The Childrens Miracle Network, I came to a serious realization.  With the price of fuel and driving a vehicle that gets 12 gallon to the mile, and then factoring in the distance between Nashville and Albany New York, it is official.  I was going to have to ask for a government bail-out to pay my fuel bill.  Unfortunately for me when I ask, I was told I would have to fill out 147 applications in triplicate, for assistance, assign 87% of my company over to the government, and promise and guarantee that I absolutely needed the money.  I didn't really have a problem with the applications, except that I didn't understand the foriegn language they were printed in, and I didn't have a problem promising that I needed the money.  I did however have a problem giving them 87% of the company. 

I had already given 20% to my ex-wife, 15% to the attorneys, 40% to Uncle Sam, (You must take care of your family, and I have been taking care of old Uncle Sam for years), and the rest I had already given to the bank.  Now don't get me wrong, I like having partners, just not the ones that I have.  I have realized over the years that for every dollar that I make, it only cost me $3.84 to make it, and at the rate I am going I figure I will be broke about 15 years ago.

But after careful consideration I realized that I am operating exactly the way that our government operates, only on a slightly smaller scale.  They have recently given 500 million dollars to a company to develop an energy source that will help reduce the cost of fuel.  I simply give my money to a fuel company to help reduce my ability to survive.  Now don't get me wrong I'm not complaining...Who am I kidding yes I am, because with the cost of living, my new girlfriend is going to have to get a couple more jobs so that she can support us us in the manner I would like to be supported.  If things don't change and change soon, I may have to cut down on my fishing time, I may have to watch less football, and I may be forced to do things like mow the yard and help with other things, because my future ex-wife may not have time to do all those things with the other jobs she is going to have to take.  I hate it for her, but somebody has to do it, and I believe she is up to the challenge.  And if she reads this I may be homeless.  But with the way things are going with our economy I won't be alone. 

In all seriousness, most of you folks know that this is a fabrication of my warped sense of humor, which is the sign of a creative and unbalanced mind.  However sadly most of it is true, in the fact we are heading down a path that has to be corrected.  In the words of one of my songs.."Old Glory might still be flying, But she's flying mighty low,  There are people starving and dying, Everywhere you go.  From New York down to Baton Rouge, The Flags still waving high, If we don't turn this thing around, OLD GLORY'S GONNA WAVE GOODBYE...
"excerpt from the song "Old Glory", written and recorded by Terry Wooley, available on the Truckers helping Truckers album available at

God Bless and I hope to see you somewhere on the road...

Terry Wooley

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